Ways Colors Can Influence Your Pet's Health and Happiness

The body has seven energy centers, or chakras.  These chakras govern areas and organs of the body and associate with particular colors.

Creating Optimal Energy

Open chakras provide balanced energy.  Overactive or underactive energy centers can lead to physical or psychological  problems.

7 Chakras 7 Colors

From the base of the spine to the crown of the head the chakras are as follows:

1.  Red-Root-base of spine, legs, feet, skeletal system, immune system

2.  Orange-Sacral- lower abdomen, reproductive organs, kidneys

3.  Yellow-Solar Plexus-stomach, liver, digestive system, nervous system

4.  Green-Heart-heart, blood, lungs

5.  Blue-Throat-throat, ears, jaw

6.  Indigo-Third Eye-eyes, nose, head

7.  Violet-Crown-head, brain, nervous system

Unleash Chakra Energies With Color

Carefully choose leashes, collars, toys, bowls, if your pet needs to be more:

1.  Stable, secure, grounded        Red

2.  Playful, curious, friendly         Orange

3.   Joyful, fun, confident              Yellow

4.   Loyal, loving, peaceful           Green

5.  Trusting, understanding         Blue

6.  Psychic, wise, intelligent        Indigo

7.  Confident, devoted, chill        Violet

Be Observant

Your pet's behaviors indicate whether an energy center is open, underactive, or overactive.  For example if the root chakra is open your pet will be stable, trustful, and confident.  If your pet seems fearful, or nervous the chakra may be underactive.  Greedy and obsessed with security indicates an overactive chakra.

It's Not Always About Your Favorite Color

Choosing the right color can help balance your pet's chakras and a well balanced pet is a happier, healthier pet!



Raw Feeding Rules!

The choice to feed raw will positively impact your pet‘s health and wellness.

10 Raw Feeding Rules For Dogs

 1.   The raw diet must have calcium 

 2.   Organs are the multivitamins

 3.   Muscle meat is the foundation 

 4.   Watch the fat

 5.   Don’t get hung up on fruits and vegetables 

 6.   Keep it starch-free

 7.   Variety counts

 8.   Balance over time

 9.   Feed fish once a week

10.  Relax

Guidelines for cats are similar.  Essentially, the nutrition cats require to thrive must come from the meat, organs, and bones of other animals.  Transition to raw at your cats pace.  Cats must learn to like their new diet. Remain flexible, pay attention to your cat’s responses, and adjust accordingly.


Guiding people toward healthy diets for their pets by marketing products that promote longevity and well being.

Health Benefits of Feeding Raw Diets


What you see is what you get

Beef is beef and lamb is lamb. Raw whole foods can provide your pet with optimal nutrition.

10 benefits of a raw diet

 1. Firmer stool

 2. Improved digestion

 3. Healthy skin and coat.

 4. Less allergies

 5. Healthy teeth and gums

 6. Balanced energy levels

 7. Physical and mental challenge of eating raw meaty bone

 8.  Boosted immune system

 9. Diabetes and arthritis prevention

10.Better physique = muscle tone, optimum weight 

Save on Vet bills

Your pet will be healthier longer.

No worries

Real whole foods with all the nutrients.

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