Raise Them Up

The Importance Of Pets

Pets are an important part of our lives.  Daily they remind us that we are loved. They offer comfort and constant companionship.  

Our pets can motivate us to be more active.  Their energy is compelling and brings us joy.  We walk, run, and play  with our pets resulting in a healthier lifestyle.  Research shows that stress relief and relaxation can be achieved through time spent with our pets.  

Studies have revealed that babies raised in close contact with pets get sick less often during their first year of life.  A baby’s developing immune system is actually strengthened by dander and microbes from the outdoors and the risk of allergies is reduced.

Pets teach and if we listen we will learn responsibility, empathy, and compassion.  We will elevate our pet’s significance to our own health and well being.

So raise your children with pets and enjoy the benefits.  All creatures great and small are a gift.

Happy 30th Birthday Matthew!


Life Horse

By Jean Yacobellis for Matthew and his horse of a lifetime

Once upon a time not long ago

In northern France where sea winds blow,

Was born a colt, a Selle Francais,

In June on a bed of new mown hay.

On his face a blaze, coat red as fire,

Three white socks just like his sire.

“A  gem!” Monsieur said,  when he saw him that day.

“The color of rubies.” He went on to say,

“He shall be called Rubis de Fontenay.”

And so it was that late spring day

In the pasture where the new foal lay.

Then summer came to Normandy

Where lush green meadows slope to the sea,

Where the sunshine shone on the brilliant Rubis

As he rolled and bucked and pranced with glee.

Soon brisk autumn breezes made him feel frisky and free,

So he called to his mates with a vibrant whinny,

Stomping and snorting beneath a bare tree.

Winter’s blanket of snow was cold on his nose,

Until Spring came again and he blossomed and bloomed like a rose.

Throughout the years he grew sturdy and strong,

Over seventeen hands before too long.

He hunted and jumped over fences he’d sail,

Never once knocking down a rail.

One day an American in search of a steed

Said, “Rubis is precisely the mount I need.

Back in the States I’ll ride and compete.

On Rubis I’ll surely win the next meet.

Monsieur said, “fancy and fearless, steady and true

Rubis could be the horse for you.”

So off they went across the sea

To a beautiful stable where Rubis would be.

He set to work winning ribbons of blue,

Till he bid the sporting life adieu.

This fine red horse with a heart of gold

Now chose a boy with whom to grow old.

Quite a pair, Rubis and Matt,

English saddle and Cowboy hat.

Together they’d amble through southern pine wood,

Down dusty dirt roads as far as they could.

The great red horse, small boy on his back,

Nothing did their friendship lack.

Matt like Rubis grew sturdy and strong

Becoming a man before too long.

Through all the days many lessons were learned,

Trust in each other is what both of them earned.

Matt honors Rubis’ motto: Be steady and True

So that all good things can come to you.